Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Hitting the Road

On Monday I'll be starting another roadtrip with my partner in crime. This will be our 5th one... and we've not killed each other yet!

2007 - 4 week loop around the entire country - highlights: Yosemite and Yellowstone
2008 - Alaska, Seattle, New England
2011 - East Coast, mostly Florida
2012 - California & Pacific Northwest And now for
2013 - the south. Atlanta - Asheville - Gatlinburg - Austin - New Orleans ... with a few smaller stops along the way.

He'll be introduced to sweet tea, aligator and crawfish. He won't like the sweet tea, but I'll make him drink it anyways. When in the south...

2007 Grand Canyon
2008 Shenandoah NP
2011 Key West

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


As you've seen in my sidebar, I sell on Etsy (or maybe you've not really paid attention to all that stuff over there ----->)

If you'd like to start making some money off that crafty thing you do, your artwork, or you've got some vintage stuff lying around... join up! Follow this link and get free listings to start off!

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Monday, September 9, 2013

Update - Kickstarter and stuff

So my Kickstarter project completely blew my expectations out of the water. Folks pledged 203% of my goal for total funding of $1,066!!!! Insanity.

I'll be mailing out 42 calendars to backers. If you'd like to get your hands on one or more of my calendars you can purchase them in my Etsy shop!

In other news, I'm trying to decide what to do after my next roadtrip with the Brit. He'll be here the end of October for just over 2 weeks. I'll need to find another job to start right after that which will be no easy feat where I am currently stationed.
I want to get the inside of my minivan sorted out to live in. That way as soon as I can find a workamping position I can hit the road! Hoping for a job out west since I have another trip planned out there in April and will be picking up the Brits in Vegas.

I have a pretty good idea of how I'm going to do the interior - basic kitchen set up with cabinets, and a bed will be the basics. Trying to sort it out as cheap as possible. Ideally I'd like to put a hitch on the back of my Quest and pull a teardrop trailer - just have to save some $$ to buy one!

Lots of craft fairs coming up - most of my weekends are booked til I leave for the roadtrip! If anyone is in East Tennessee and wants to find me at a fair - see my website event page! nubble artnubble lighthouse artnubble light artcape neddick artacoustic artguitar artmusic artacoustic guitar artantiques artold arttennessee landscape artgas station artsan antonio artlondon photosnew jersey artpurple flowers artwestminster arttower bridge london art

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Kickstarter 2014

I've launched my Kickstarter project a few days ago, and it's already 51% funded! Granted, it's a small project - but still, I'm impressed! Big thank yous to my backers so far, and future ones. I'm giving out rewards for each pledge level, even $5 gets a reward! If you're a fan of my marshmallow series, consider backing the project! For a $20 pledge you get a calendar - with free shipping if you're in the US! The 2014 Marshmallow Microcosm calendar is gaining in popularity (this is it's 3rd year!)... and I'm doing a bigger print run this year, advertising more, selling it in more places. Hopefully I'll get to 100% funded within the next 25 days or so, and make this happen!

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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Christmas in July!

Time for collecting holiday cards to send this year already? Yes!! I've now got my calendars ready to go, and just made these cards which will be available in my Etsy shop later today :)

Who wouldn't want a marshmallow card and calendar for Christmas???

5x7 Folded Card
View the entire collection of cards.

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Monday, July 1, 2013

Recent Sales

Luckily I've been fortunate enough to have sold a few pieces of work - LARGE pieces, for the most part. A big thank you to the purchases of this art! I'm surviving July because of it.

Art Prints

Photography Prints

Photography Prints

Photography Prints

Sell Art Online

So English pubs, London panoramics, old Singer sewing machines and cigars... these are actually some of my favorite images in my collection. Glad  others will be enjoying them on their walls!

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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Attracting Bad News

I want this so bad I can hardly stand it.

My 2005 Nissan Quest could pull it, just need a hitch. Oh, and the money to buy it and the trailer.

My most recent employer has filed bankruptcy. Once again I find myself needing to find work, NOW. Unfortunately my current city seems to be devoid of jobs unless you've been grandfathered in or something. And nothing I've seen so far pays any more than I was making in high school.

Almost 20 years ago.


Luckily I've been fortunate enough for quite a few sales of my prints online, so I'll be able to get through July.

So I want to hit the road again. I had no problem finding work while living on the road last year. Employers were lining up for me. I just re-applied for one that hired me last year that I ultimately turned down to work for someone else - big mistake that was. If I get it I'm hoping to start earlier than the usual hire period. Could be one of 2 states. I love the whole concept of workamping. Its genius.

Can anyone spare a couple grand?
Sort of.

There needs to be a kickstarter for this kind of thing. For now, I'll be happy to live in the van.

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Friday, June 7, 2013

New Swag

Trying to up my game when it comes to selling my photography.

I have three sides to my work - fine art prints, people sessions and then there's the marshmallows.

My series, Marshmallow Microcosm, is a big hit at craft/art fairs. Once one person gets a look and figures it out, more come over to see what it's about.

Besides prints, I now offer notecards since people kept asking for them, and I've also just started carrying iPhone cases and mugs!

The best part is, I can put any of my images on one of these products, so I've had folks choose a marshmallow they like, and I create them the product the want. All my marshmallows would look great!

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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My Current Surroundings

These days I'm hanging out in Johnson City, TN. Well Gray I guess, just north of the "city"... On the old tobacco farm that's been in my mom's side of the family for centuries.

The front yard: the original home built by my great-great-great grandfather in 17 something or other...

The old tractor, still runs, still use it.

The backyard - the tobacco barn: Just used for storage now, a cousin harvests the tobacco and uses his barn up the road.

The quilt square on the barn up the road. Storm was rolling in on my way home from work when I snapped this one:

The view from the side of the back yard, our garden is where I'm standing, in front and to the side of the barn. I think this one belongs to a cousin. Pretty much everyone in the area is related.

hummingbirds arthummingbird art

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Wish List


Older SUV or Ext/King/Quad cab truck + small trailer (think scamp/casita size or teardrop)

Thinking that by this time next year, I want back on the workamping circuit. hmmmm

Somewhere back out west, north this time - Yellowstone area, pacific NW...

Wonder if I can get both for $10k or if I'm out of my mind.

I need to sell more pictures...

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Friday, March 1, 2013


Anyone else on Tumblr? I just joined and created a photo blog. Looks kinda cool in mosaic form. Show me some love if you're on there.

This one is currently getting reblogged like crazy... not sure why this one took off over some others, maybe someone with a lot of followers reblogged it.

Hopefully this will drive traffic (and buyers...) to my website!

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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Idiot Proof Bread

This is my go to bread recipe - it makes a decent sized round loaf. It's for ripping apart rather than slicing all perfect.

3 cups Flour (use whatever flour you want - all purpose, wheat, half and half, bread... I pretty much always use all purpose)
1 cup Warm water
1 Tbls or 1 packet Yeast (not rapid rise, the regular kind)
1 Tbls Honey
1 tsp salt

Optional: Onions, herbs, cheese... etc. You can add whatever strikes you to this basic mix. I tend to use onions, with a bit of garlic powder.
1. In a measuring cup mix the warm water and honey til the honey is all dissolved. Dump the yeast into the water, let sit about 15 minutes so the yeast can bubble up and become active.

2. While that's sitting, grab a medium sized mixing bowl, and whisk (cause I don't sift) the flour, salt, and any herbs or garlic powder if you want it (basically anything dry you can dump in now). Form a well in the middle.

3. After your yeast is ready, dump into the well with the dry stuff. Use your hands to mix it up as much as possible in the bowl.

4. Dump the dough onto a floured surface and start kneading it. It doesn't need a lot of kneading, and you'll probably have a bit of flour and bits that don't perfectly incorporate, don't stress over it. Form into a ball.

5. Put it back in the bowl - can oil the bowl if there isn't any flour left in it so the dough doesn't stick while its rising.

6. Cover with a damp towel, put in a warmish place, and let rise for about 20-30 minutes.

7. Turn the oven on to 350 F.

8. After it's risen, you can either take it out and knead some onions into it, then let it rise again another 20 minutes or put it in the oven if not adding onions.

9. Put on a cookie sheet (I put cornmeal on the pan), then slice an X into the top. This lets the dough expand as it cooks, and makes it look all rustic, bakery like.

10. Bake for 20-30 minutes, check after 20, might take 30 based on your oven and the density of your dough.

Rip off chunks and eat hot out of the oven.

pigeon point lighthouse art mushrooms art

Sunday, February 3, 2013

New town, new website

I've moved. Again.

I'm now living on my mother's ancestral family farm in Johnson City, TN... or Gray... not sure which. The mailing address could be either. One of those places.

My niece and her chickens.
Its not a cool kind of farm with cows and chickens, although there are cows across the street at another farm, and I hope to get chickens one day. Its an old tobacco farm. Some other cousin or something cultivates it.

Trying to launch my photo biz here. Dead of winter not a great time to start, snowing like mad last couple days. But not having another job yet has given me plenty of time to work on my new website:

Check it out. Especially if you happen to live in the Johnson City, Tennessee area.

My new nephew. 4 weeks in this photo.