Sunday, June 30, 2013

Attracting Bad News

I want this so bad I can hardly stand it.

My 2005 Nissan Quest could pull it, just need a hitch. Oh, and the money to buy it and the trailer.

My most recent employer has filed bankruptcy. Once again I find myself needing to find work, NOW. Unfortunately my current city seems to be devoid of jobs unless you've been grandfathered in or something. And nothing I've seen so far pays any more than I was making in high school.

Almost 20 years ago.


Luckily I've been fortunate enough for quite a few sales of my prints online, so I'll be able to get through July.

So I want to hit the road again. I had no problem finding work while living on the road last year. Employers were lining up for me. I just re-applied for one that hired me last year that I ultimately turned down to work for someone else - big mistake that was. If I get it I'm hoping to start earlier than the usual hire period. Could be one of 2 states. I love the whole concept of workamping. Its genius.

Can anyone spare a couple grand?
Sort of.

There needs to be a kickstarter for this kind of thing. For now, I'll be happy to live in the van.

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