Thursday, June 5, 2014

Roadtrip - The West

This is how horrible I am at blogging... this latest roadtrip was in April. Its June. Go me.

Picture post!

The highlight for me: Bryce Canyon 
I took a few pictures here....

Next up: Zion National Park 
I actually have more photos from Zion, just haven't edited them yet... this rock pile I thought was cool and quite zen on the Emerald Pools trail - highly recommend.

To Yellowstone National Park!

oh wait... it was closed. We drove all the way up to find it was closed until the following week.

Right.... moving on....

 The Rockies... Grand Tetons, Denver and such.

From there we moved on to the desert again... Santa Fe, Grand Canyon, then Rt 66 through southern California, and high tailed it to Palm Springs for Coachella!

Don't make our mistake and go to the west rim of the Grand Canyon... waste of money and time. Head to the north (if open) or south rim. Way better scenery and doesn't cost an extra arm or leg. The guys really wanted to take a helicopter ride and this was were they booked it from - another epic waste of money!

Oh, here's a little house sparrow on some yucca I photographed while at the west rim.

The Route:

Las Vegas

Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon

Yellowstone National Park

Grand Tetons

Denver and the Rockies

Santa Fe

Grand Canyon

Indio - Coachella 2014

On my way back home after dropping the guys at LAX, I decided to not take I-40 for the 3rd time, and instead went the southern route. I was on a mission to take pictures of saguaro cacti, which had eluded me for years. I'd never gone on a trip quite south enough to see them. This time I got them in spades.

I was trying to find the desert museum in Tucson. Fail which turned into a win when I accidentally ended up in the Saguaro National Park. Such a cool place. Basically a forest of saguaro... as well as prickly pear.