Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Beginning

What a redundant, cliche title.

Starting over, awaiting some equipment to start up my etsy business.... hence the blog. I hear that's the way forward as far as selling on etsy is concerned.

Most of the shop will revolve around stamping... but not just boring run of the mill stamps. Stamps you can customize completely. I can even make you a stamp with your kid's shiney happy face on it so you can stamp it all over everything. Got a business logo you want on a stamp? I can do that. Need help designing one? I can probably do that.

I might delve into selling some of my photography on there in the form of prints as well... not sure yet. Bit of a perfectionist in that matter and I'm extremely picky about the work I share with people I don't know. We'll see. I've got some nice shots though. They look good poster sized and framed. Maybe they'd look good on your wall?

I'll be advertising (warning: just moved back from living in the UK for several years, spelling will be erratic) for my sister-in-law's business a lot. She's awesome at making kids clothes, and pretty awesome at a lot of other stuff too. Her site is An Apple and A Tree. She's got an Etsy Shop full of ridiculously cute things you should buy. I place full blame on her for my starting this.

More to come...

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