Thursday, March 7, 2013

Wish List


Older SUV or Ext/King/Quad cab truck + small trailer (think scamp/casita size or teardrop)

Thinking that by this time next year, I want back on the workamping circuit. hmmmm

Somewhere back out west, north this time - Yellowstone area, pacific NW...

Wonder if I can get both for $10k or if I'm out of my mind.

I need to sell more pictures...

bleeding hearts art african daisy art daisies art fuschia art dogwood art dogwood tree artdogwood blossoms artflowers artpink art

Friday, March 1, 2013


Anyone else on Tumblr? I just joined and created a photo blog. Looks kinda cool in mosaic form. Show me some love if you're on there.

This one is currently getting reblogged like crazy... not sure why this one took off over some others, maybe someone with a lot of followers reblogged it.

Hopefully this will drive traffic (and buyers...) to my website!

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