Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Addicted to Kitchen Stuff

I know I'm not the only one...

I tend to wander into kitchen stores, or around kitchen departments in stores looking for cool gadgets I don't need, but really want to play with. If I had a kitchen of my own (all in good time...) and a lot of money to just spend on frivolous fun stuff, here are a few fun things I might just have to own:


Really, you're saving money buy purchasing a fork, knife and chopsticks all in one go! Perfect for a small space or RV!

Fred M Cup Measuring Matroyshkas, Set of 6 Dry Measuring Cups

Super cute, super functional, super space saving, super genius.

Chicago Metallic Lasagna Trio Pan, 12-Inch by 15-Inch by 3-Inch (11-1/2-Inch by 2-1/2-Inch Cavities)

I love lasagna, but this is genius for when I can't decide if I want to make zucchini, pumpkin or banana bread... do all three at once!

Taylor Digital Measuring Cup and Scale

I only wish I new about this sooner. Why did I not know such implements existed?!

Joseph Joseph 8-Piece Food Preparation Nesting Set

Again with the space saving... way pretty too!

Prepara Herb Savor Pods, Set of 3

Anything that makes herbs last longer is a winner in my book.

Animal Mini Tabletop Vacuum - Pig

Pick up crumbs before the ants do!

Monday, August 20, 2012

2013 Calendar!

Last year I did a calendar with my photos of marshmallows... it was a big hit! People have been asking for it again this year, so I starting photographing scenes a few weeks ago.

Its now available for pre-ordering via Etsy

I'm loving this years scenes - I've got marshmallow art down to a science!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Out cuting myself...

I'm preparing to make up the sequel to my Marshmallow Microcosm 2012 calendar... 2013 is coming up quick and people start ordering calendars to give as gifts really soon! I've been chugging along trying to get 12 more little scenes completed and assigned to each month.

8 or 9 down... 3 or 4 to go. Not sure if I'll use one I've done for the calendar or not, we'll see how creative I get in the next few days.

They make really good prints and greeting cards too! I can't wait til I get moved into my room in London to put a set of them on my wall. Actually sold a greeting card today of a scene I did last year.

So far these are the favorites:

Art Prints

Sell Art Online

Whatever month...
Photography Prints

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Finally, persistence, patience and sheer will have paid off.

London here I come!

The past 2 years all I've thought about is getting back to London.

 Everything I've done, every decision made - all done with the end result in mind - what path leads back to London?

And as if it were meant to be, my old room in my old house is available just when I'll be coming back.

If I do end up having to return to the US, I'll go back to workamping... its the only way I can see liking living in the US enough to keep sane. Til then, LONDON!

waterfalls art waterfall artlondon artamsterdam artman cave artbleeding hearts artsan antonio artstill life artkitchen artcountry style artcardinal artcardinals artpharmacy artpharmacist artmedicine artnurse art

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Marshmallow People

Sometimes I get a little bored with regular photos...

Art Prints

Art Prints

Sell Art Online

And if you'd like to bring any of these cute little guys home, use code CAZTPU for 20% Off!


I think if I were going to have to live in the US, in a permanent position - UGH, that would be torture, give me and RV anyday - I'd pick to live in Oregon around Portland. Its freakin gorgeous. And I love gloomy rainy weather.

All of these are for SALE on my website - prints, canvases, custom mats and frames - 
any way you like along with about 200 of my other images.
Support an artist! Don't buy generic wall art from IKEA :)