Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My Current Surroundings

These days I'm hanging out in Johnson City, TN. Well Gray I guess, just north of the "city"... On the old tobacco farm that's been in my mom's side of the family for centuries.

The front yard: the original home built by my great-great-great grandfather in 17 something or other...

The old tractor, still runs, still use it.

The backyard - the tobacco barn: Just used for storage now, a cousin harvests the tobacco and uses his barn up the road.

The quilt square on the barn up the road. Storm was rolling in on my way home from work when I snapped this one:

The view from the side of the back yard, our garden is where I'm standing, in front and to the side of the barn. I think this one belongs to a cousin. Pretty much everyone in the area is related.

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