Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Hitting the Road

On Monday I'll be starting another roadtrip with my partner in crime. This will be our 5th one... and we've not killed each other yet!

2007 - 4 week loop around the entire country - highlights: Yosemite and Yellowstone
2008 - Alaska, Seattle, New England
2011 - East Coast, mostly Florida
2012 - California & Pacific Northwest And now for
2013 - the south. Atlanta - Asheville - Gatlinburg - Austin - New Orleans ... with a few smaller stops along the way.

He'll be introduced to sweet tea, aligator and crawfish. He won't like the sweet tea, but I'll make him drink it anyways. When in the south...

2007 Grand Canyon
2008 Shenandoah NP
2011 Key West

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