Friday, July 27, 2012

Wish I was home

Home in London that is!

Watched the opening ceremonies streaming live on BBC one. Beginning was a big odd, but the torch and end was really cool.

If I was home in London... I could watch the fireworks and hear Paul McCartney from my house. Over the last couple years I watched the stadium being built in my back garden. Literally. Its about a 5 minute walk.

My flatmate still lives there, and I'll be returning in October. She's Canadian. So in the spirit of things, and in hopes of getting a view of the house in any aerial photos, she's made a gigantic Canadian flag and put it on the roof.

So everyone watch for the giant flag... that's my house. Hoping having the Olympics has made Stratford a better place to live, and they don't let the stadium go to waste!

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