Wednesday, July 18, 2012

T-Rex Would be Happy There

I never really did much posting on my most recent road trip... back in April. Lazy me.
We drove from LA to Seattle - all along the 101 and CA-1. It. Was. Awesome.

Anyone who's not done this, should.

One of my favorite places along the way: the Hall of Mosses in the Hoh Rain Forest and Fern Canyon in Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park. Jurassic Park was filmed in the latter -

and it pretty much looks like a t-rex would be right at home there.

Picture time!
Fern Canyon Trail: Something we didn't know going in: the trail is a river

There was no way around it, just have to get in it... it was April, freezing & totally worth it

Along the Hall of Mosses trail

Its a bit mossy

Dinosaur could come along at any moment...

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