Monday, July 23, 2012

Skeletons for Sale

I'll be returning to London soon, but I need money to pay the bills, and to book a ticket back ASAP. The only thing I own of any value is my truck :(

pretty 2000 Ford Expedition -Eddie Bauer edition for sale!
The process has started again to rid myself of a vehicle and move on the next thing.
I've put my ad on Craigslist (a couple of them since there are 2 in the area). And stuck a For Sale sign on the back.

Fingers crossed. I loved this car - didn't have it very long, only since January. But it was my home for a few months. I lived in the back of it out in Colorado and Utah - it was a cold way to live out the winter!

Another task at hand is once again going through my few worldly possessions and making them even fewer. If I can knock everything I own down to a couple big tupperware containers, minus the stuff I'll be taking with me, I'll be a happy camper.

If anyone out there in the workamping world is looking for a great truck to pull a trailer, send them my way!

Anyone want a lovely collection of various animal skeletons?!? new hampshire art white mountains art

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