Sunday, January 8, 2012

Going full out NOMAD

I abandoned this blog a while ago so time to pick up the pieces.

Lets do a run down of the past year, shall we?
  • Moved back from the UK.
  • Bought car, had job set up, moved to Rhode Island.
  • Job did serious damage to my sanity, quit after a month in stunning fashion.
  • Went to Virginia and stayed a week.
  • Travelled to North Dakota to visit SIL/neice/brother... stayed for a while, couldn't find work.
  • Moved to Denver to help friend with City Council campaign. 
  • Got job, moved to Aurora for several months.
  • Job slowly destroyed my will to live.
  • Left Denver for Louisiana, where I am currently and got a job for the Christmas season.

Now I'm ready to hit the road again... but this time for good.
I'm selling my sedan, buying an SUV I can live in the back of, and going permanently nomadic.

This blog will be where I log my ventures. Where I go, what I see, what I'm doing.

I'll be trying my hand at workamping, going back to archaeology, photographing more to sell on my WEBSITE, keeping up with my ETSY sales, and maybe doing some freelancing.

So, task one for the week is sell my car. I've already got an SUV ready to purchase from a neighbor as soon as I do. The rest is just details.

Watch this space....

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