Friday, January 20, 2012

Selling a Car on Craigslist!

This is how I did it. It took longer than I expected, but not because of shady people or not getting responses.

I managed to get a response for my car within a few hours of posting it for sale on Craigslist. I conversed first through email - sent more photos, sent them the VIN # so they could order a Carfax report if they wanted it.

Then they wanted to see it. So we set up a day and time. The greatest thing was - they actually showed up! As anyone selling ANYTHING on Craigslist knows... this is the biggest hurdle.

Before they show up:
  • Make car pretty - get it washed, vacuumed, dusted... the works.
  • Know what your car is worth - and what you're willing to take for it. RESEARCH! Kelly Blue Book is pretty much the go to guide, and your buyers will be looking on that as well.
  • Make sure you have your Title and any other paperwork already to go - in case they have the cash and want to buy it then and there. You can print out a Bill of Sale and if the car is still under warranty like mine was, see if it can be transferred and what that entails.
  • Set up a meeting place if not comfortable doing it at your house, and get someone else to be with you.
Test drive - make sure they have a license. I went on the test drive with them - I definitely wouldn't let anyone test drive it without me in the car. If they have a problem with this either tell them to go away, or tell them you are required to be in the car for insurance purposes.

They want to buy!
In my case, they were financing through their credit union. This took 2 weeks - until it finally came to a bad ending, they pulled their accounts from the CU, went to another CU and it was completed within a day. So all was well in the end, and I held out so they could buy the car from me, because they were good people and I liked them.

Take cash or a cashier's check only! No Paypal, money order, personal check...  too many scams out there and they can easily slip a fake check or MO to you. And on PayPal they can file some sort of false claim and get their money back after they have your car. NO COOL.

Better yet - go to the bank with them - get handed the cashier's check or cash right there. No chance of scam, you hand over keys, everyone's safe and happy.

They drive away...
Call your insurance provider and take the car off the policy. That way you are not libel for anything. Its out of your hands. Job done.

Most importantly - if you don't get a good vibe or anything seems off about the potential buyers.
Back out. Find another buyer.


  1. Excellent article and love the illustrations! :)

    1. Thank you! I'm just starting out in the whole workamping lifestyle, so I'm hoping to write about the whole process as I learn!