Friday, October 17, 2014

Getting the Most Out of Your Social Media Posts

I own my own business that relies on social media to basically exist. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, LinkedIn... etc, etc, etc. I've had people ask what works best for me so here's a bit of a run down.

I will tell you that the best sites for me are Facebook and Tumblr - for two different things entirely. On Facebook I have a page for my photography business. Without this, my business would likely not exist, or at least not at the level it does. Its how I gain clients, communicate with many clients, advertise sessions and events, link and cross market with other local businesses. Yay awesomeness that is Facebook.

Tumblr is a different animal all together. Tumblr can probably best be describes as the love child of Twitter & Instagram. For me at least. This is where I get the most traffic to my fine photography site where I sell prints. I've set up my tumblr "blog" as a sort of gallery. It is 99% images that link back to their page on my website where they are for sale. Most go to that website, a handful go to my Etsy site, depending on the product I'm pushing.

On Tumblr I try to post daily. TRY. The biggest tips I can give if posting images are:
  • watermark
  • keyword, keyword, keyword
  • write a little description (so its interesting and Google can index it)

I added code so people can't easily right click and copy my images, I watermark everything, and added links to my website and Facebook in the top menu. Its easy to look at, clean, and everything is linked. This is where I have the most followers of any social platform.

Now onto when and when not to post. I'm reposting from which is where I saw these infographics after my friend and fellow local business owner Second Spring Soaps posted on a Facebook group we belong to of local crafters.

Someone has gone and done all the research for us! Here is the original post link, and here are the helpful graphics - maybe print and pin to a board above your desk?

Obviously test it for yourself and see what works. Use Google Analytics or similar tracking to see what drives traffic and when you get the most hits. I know it says the worst time to post on Facebook is after 8pm, but that tends to be the best time for me because I am posting for parents of young children to see - they are most free to engage on social media after the kids are in bed!

Facebook and Tumblr work best for me, find out what works best for your business and run with it!

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