Tuesday, March 20, 2012

From UT to DC

So, you know how things can change in an instant. Yeah - for me that happens more often than usual.

3 days ago I was in Utah. I'm in Arlington, VA now - just outside D.C. Welcome to my crazy nomadic life.

For months now, the person I worked for in London has been trying to find me a position in the US (she now lives here). I didn't think it would happen. Lots of great plans never really happen when it comes to putting them into action. This time, it happened. It just happened at an inconvenient time, as I had just started in Utah.

The proverbial "offer I couldn't refuse" was made. Actually, I would have been stupid to refuse it. I had to leave the same day the offer was made - night really. I apologized a hundred times over to my workamping employers. I really do feel terrible about leaving them just like that.

So here I am, now central to a congressional campaign. Back to politics!

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1 comment:

  1. That is never an easy decision to make but with that being said...

    Once a commitment is made leaving without any notice and no good reason and leaving them high and dry is not a good bridge to leave behind. Be careful...it will eventually bite you in the... Karma is a strong force to bear.

    Good luck!