Sunday, February 12, 2012

Set for the year

So I belong to this website for workampers.
I pay for a yearly subscription, get to post my resume, check out employment listings, and all sorts of other stuff I don't really pay much attention to, but should.

Well the other day this membership paid off. I was contacted first by Amazon. Amazon hires workampers for the Christmas season madness - processing orders, pulling, packing, shipping... bet you thought it was trolls, elves or oompa loompas, but nope - its workampers.

(BTW, if you use the Amazon links on this my blog to buy stuff, I get a few pennies... help me out consumers!)

So I'm set to work for them at their Kansas warehouse. I told the guy I could work the whole season from October to Christmas. But then...

Contact #2 came along. A guy who runs a tourist place in Utah that shall be named later found my resume on the website. He's looking for a photographer/retail person. Emailed me,  I sent some answers to questions and a couple references, a very short interview and boom: he hires me about 5 minutes into the interview.

I didn't think I'd be starting a job until late April, but lucky me, I get to start March 1st, and go til Oct 31st. Overlapping Amazon... hopefully they are cool with that, or I leave Utah early because the money at Amazon is much better plus I get a bonus if I stay the whole season. I need to make that happen.

Dilemma: I need a trailer to live in so I don't have to stay in my car/tent the whole year. Frantically trying to find a popup tent trailer on the cheap, but not needing repairs cheap.

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