Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My $500 Home

Finally found a trailer to live in... its a fixer upper.

Lucky for me, I have a handy friend that's helped me out with a few repairs.
I was scanning Craigslist for weeks. Not just the local Craigslist, but several in other states. Turns out the trailer I ended up forking over $500 for was a block away from where I've been hanging out the past couple weeks.

So, the before:
Anyone who knows me, knows camo is so not my thing. It had to go. Fast. Time to make like Tom Sawyer and do a white wash.

Before the paint, we popped it open and patched up a few small holes in the canvas. The canvas needs to be replaced, but that might come later, depending how long I keep this thing.


Much better. Now we can move on to the more important bit - a functional door.


The doorway is warped, so we cut some wood into a wedge to fit and make the door meet the side of the trailer, then added some small pieces of wood to make it latch and stay shut. Came out awesome.

I forgot to get a shot of the table up, but this is the table seating area - the door is lying on top.

Stove, pump sink, double sized bed... going to re-cover the cushions - once I find some fabric and beg my SIL to sew them for me :)

Its not exactly beautiful, but I'm hoping it will work. I move on to Utah as soon as we can get the tail lights functioning properly again - the wires got jostled when my friend took them off as we painted, otherwise I'd be on the road right now!

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