Saturday, October 27, 2012

What to do in London - Borough Market

Maybe this will turn into a regular series for the blog...

Loads of people ask me what they should do in London - given a week or just a day. So going to kick this off with one of my favorite places to hang around.

Borough Market is located just across the road from London Bridge tube station. Easy to get to and find. Its chock full of food, drink, atmosphere, interesting characters, and a fair mix of both locals and tourists.

There are stalls of all sorts - vegetables, fruit, bread, wines, beers, cider, ready to eat food (get the curry from the folks next to the fish monger), meat, pies, candies, jams, cheese and on and on and on...

The market is open daily for lunch hours, but from Thursday to Saturday its open all day. My secret is to go mid afternoon and walk around taking pictures until about 4:30pm. This is when awesome things happen. The vendors start packing up - and giving stuff away cheap or even free that they don't want to or can't keep for the next market day. SCORE.

A few days ago I wandered around at the end of the day and ended up stuffing my camera bag full of 2 huge (HUGE) loaves of artisan bread baked fresh that day. OMG was it good. One was a fancy olive oil and rosemary round loaf. YUM. I paid a quid for each of them. Would have cost about 4 quid a piece had I bought them earlier in the day! Another guy offered me a free pork sausage roll - I was almost tempted to start eating pork again it smelled so good, but instead I helped him hock it to the next person who walked by.
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My favorite thing to get at the market is mushroom pate. They guys who sell it weren't there when I went the other day (which is good because I am far too poor to buy it!) 
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I also recommend hanging around the fish mongers - the larger of the few in the main area. They have a great set up and are really nice folks, will talk your ear off and give great recommendations for what to get and how to cook it. They also like to have a bit of fun with the shoppers by making some of the fish look very much alive.
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So if you're coming to London, put this place on your list! And buy some mushroom pate, its to die for.
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